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A Pearl Night Gala

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On August 27th, 2016, NTAACA celebrated 30 years with an evening of Dinner, Dance, Music, and Memories. Guests were treated to a hollywood-style red carpet welcome to this lavish fundraising event to support NTAACA’s charities and its mission. Guests of honor and awardees were recognized. Newly inducted officers, board members, and active members were in attendance. EDD M Dance Company and GraceHula Dance performed, adding to the glitz and glamour of the evening for a memorable event.


Who We Are

The Asian American Cultural Association was formed in 1986 as a means to create and maintain a spirit of understanding and alliance amongst all Asian American Communities in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. In 2006 our organization’s name was modified to North Texas Asian American Cultural Association. Leadership


Building a vibrant community in the DFW area through strength in diversity of Asian American cultures and traditions.

Our community message: “Different traditions, one mission”

Mission Statements

  • Create and Maintain a spirit of understanding and alliance amongst Asian American Communities in the DFW area
  • Increase awareness of the rich cultural heritage of all Asian-Americans by holding high visibility social and cultural events
  • Promote unity amongst the association’s members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding by providing means for different groups to reach out to each other and the community
  • Improving communications by sharing interests and concerns for mutual growth and benefit
  • Provide scholarship funds for educational welfare and academic excellence of AA students




In the last decade the DFW area has undergone a major demographic change, with an influx of Asian Americans into the North Texas area. Currently there are over 250,000 Asian Americans residing in the DFW metropolis. With growth, there is a need for one collective voice and a mechanism to show the cultural diversity we bring to the local communities. The organization was formed in 2006 as Asian American Cultural Association to bring Asian Americans together and provide leadership in cultural, educational, social and economic areas. NTAACA seeks to bring out the maximum potential of all people in our communities, and seeks to build a better world for all races.